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The Division of Medical and Biological Informatics at the German Cancer Research Center holds a bug squashing party once a week. We start this group event with short seminars on a current developments or concepts of general interest to MITK developers.

This page is to collect the seminar slides for people who could not attend or who want to lookup anything.

2017 seminars

You find all the presentations of 2017 here

2016 seminars

Date PDF link Presenter
2016-12-25 DICOM meta information and where to find/put them Ralf Floca
2016-10-28 C++11 Override Clemens Hentschke
2016-10-14 MITK Icon Concept Carolin Feldmann and Alfred Franz
2016-07-13 C++11 Delegating Constructors Stefan Kislinskiy
2016-07-06 Cppcheck: static code analysis for C++ Clemens Hentschke
2016-06-22 Basics on the itk image Tobias Norajitra
2016-06-08 Explaining Bug 18908 Nils Gählert
2016-05-18 boost::accumulators Fabian Isensee
2016-05-11 Creating cmdApps with MITK Caspar Goch
2016-04-06 GLSL Shader in MITK Christoph Kolb
2016-03-09 C++ Move Semantics Sandy Engelhardt
2016-03-02 Forgers, Cheats, Pickpockets, and Lawyers Stefan Kislinskiy
2016-02-24 Image Cropper Plugin Sarina Thomas
Microservices - an example of usage in IGT Esther Wild
Matthias Eisenmann
2016-02-17 Resilient Software Design Pt 2 Dominique Cheray
2016-02-10 Resilient Software Design Pt 1 Janek Gröhl
2016-01-27 Regular Expressions Jens Petersen

2015 seminars

Date PDF link Presenter
2015-12-09 C++ 11 final Andreas Fetzer
2015-11-25 Multi-threading with ITK Jonas Cordes
2015-11-11 Numeric Limits Tobias Norajitra
2015-11-04 Lazy Evaluation Christoph Kolb
2015-10-21 Programming in the future tense Michael Brehler
2015-10-07 C++11 STL Container set & map Sandy Engelhardt
2015-09-30 MITK Subject/Observer Pattern Vincent Reuter
2015-09-16 MITK Clone macro Jan Hering
2015-09-02 Fun with namespaces Caspar Goch
2015-08-22 Some Basics on C++ Variable Initialization Alfred Franz
2015-08-12 MITK Testing with CppUnit Thomas Kilgus
2015-07-15 ...about our beautiful geometries... Esther Wild
2015-07-07 Display Geometry and Interaction Legacy Removal Christoph Kolb
Christian Weber
Esther Wild
2015-06-24 std::chrono Thomas Kirchner
2015-06-03 SOLID programming Sebastian J. Wirkert
2015-05-27 GNU command line tools for code analysis Joseph Görres
2015-05-13 Ressource Acquisition Is Initialization (RAII) Sebastian J. Wirkert
2015-04-08 C++ 11 Range-based for Stefan Kislinskiy
2015-04-01 C++ 11 Enums Jasmin Metzger
2015-03-11 Assembly-Level Debugging Alexandro Sánchez Bach
2015-03-11 Git Blame Peter Neher
2015-03-04 C++11 Nullptr Eric heim
2015-02-25 C++11 auto Jan Hering
2015-02-18 MITK Master News Sascha Zelzer
2015-02-04 MIME Types Caspar Goch
2015-01-28 Forward declaration Nico Riecker
2015-01-21 Introduction to the new IO System Keno März
2015-01-14 Undo/Redo in MITK Christian Weber
2015-01-07 Overlays in MITK Christoph Kolb

2014 seminars

Date PDF link Presenter
2014-12-04 ImageVtkMapper2D Thomas Kilgus
2014-11-26 DecoratorPattern Tobias Norajitra
2014-11-19 DoubleDispatch Sandy Engelhardt
2014-10-29 Constant Esther Wild
2014-10-22 IO-Streams and the new IO System Keno März
2014-10-08 Sorting_Algorithms Nils Lichtenberg
2014-10-01 View Navigator Caspar Goch
2014-09-17 MITK Python Eric Heim
2014-09-10 Strategy Pattern Matthias Eisenmann
2014-09-03 Qt-threading-in-MITK Andreas Fetzer
2014-09-03 Design Pattern: State Jasmin Metzger
2014-07-02 The mystery of Typename Michael Goetz
2014-06-25 Proper use of mitk::PointSet Tobias Norajitra
2014-06-18 MITK basic type restructuring Sebastian Wirkert
2014-06-04 MITK Persistence Alfred Franz
2014-05-28 New Geometry Concept Esther Wild
2014-05-20 Usage of CTK Commandline Functionality in MITK Christian Weber
2014-05-14 Functors and for_each Christoph Kolb
2014-04-30 Qt Size Policy Michael Brehler
2014-04-02 STL erase-remove idiom Joseph Görres
2014-03-26 Remeshing Plugin Stefan Kislinskiy
2014-03-05 Interaction testing framework Tobias Schröder
2014-02-19 Cpp Unit Testing Framework in MITK Thomas Kilgus
2014-02-05 C++ inline functions Tamara Wiebe
2014-01-29 Pointers vs. References Moritz Petry

2013 seminars

Date PDF link Presenter
2013-12-04 OpenCV basics and some comments on classification Josiah Blöcher
2013-12-27 BlueBerry Selection Service Daniel Knorr
2013-11-20 RSA - Asymmetric Cryptography Lars Woitzik
2013-11-13 ContourModel & ContourModelSet Nico Riecker
2013-11-06 (Case Insensitive) String Comparison in C++ Adrian Winterstein
2013-10-16 Time Geometries Michael Goetz
2013-10-02 ITK vs. VTK Smartpointers Andreas Fetzer
2013-09-25 OpenGL in MITK Sandy Engelhardt
2013-09-11 API Documentation Alfred Franz
2013-09-04 The C++ Keyword static Stefan Kislinskiy
2013-08-21 Test Coverage Eric Heim
2013-08-07 VTK 6 Introduction Christoph Kolb
2013-07-31 Buildsystem and CMake Caspar Goch
2013-07-17 MITK and Doxygen and Doxygen Reference Keno März
2013-07-10 git rerere Andreas Fetzer
2013-07-03 Problems with Floating Point Operations Michael Goetz
2013-06-26 Functors in ITK Tobias Norajitra
2013-06-12 Using ITK images in MITK Joseph Görres
2013-06-05 ITKv4 GPU acceleration: OpenCL Michael Brehler
2013-05-08 Type casting Jasmin Metzger
2013-05-15 C++ 11 VariadicTemplates Markus Fangerau
2013-04-24 Temporary objects Diana Wald
2013-04-03 ITK 4 Overview Sven Mersmann
2013-03-13 CTest Thomas Kilgus
2013-02-13 Platform project: Interaction Christian Weber
2013-02-06 Git reflog Sandy Engelhardt
2013-01-30 STL Algorithms Functors Jan Hering
2013-01-16 Geometry Classes Bastian Graser

2012 seminars

Date PDF link Presenter
2012-12-12 Constructors Frederik Drosdzol
2012-12-05 Qt Web Bridge Moritz Petry
2012-11-28 Design Pattern MVVM Lars Woitzik
2012-11-21 D Pointer und Qt Jonas Cordes
2012-11-15 Git Detached HEAD Andreas Fetzer
2012-10-30 PIMPL Idiom Alexander Seitel
2012-10-24 Valgrind Eric Heim
2012-10-17 Image accessors in MITK Joseph Görres
2012-10-03 CustomViewer Application Example Tobias Norajitra
2012-09-26 BlueBerry Examples Michael Brehler
2012-09-05 Exception handling in MITK Alfred Franz
2012-08-29 Logging in MITK Alfred Franz
2012-08-22 Microservices I: Declearing Services Keno März
2012-08-22 Microservices II: QmitkServiceListWidget Keno März
2012-06-27 Customizing your own MITK application Caspar Goch
2012-06-06 Pointer Arithmetic Diana Wald
2012-05-02 Threading with ITK Barriers Sven Mersmann
2012-04-18 Avoid long functions Stefan Kislinskiy
2012-04-11 Intel Threading Building Blocks Michael Mueller
2012-04-04 OpenMP Eric Heim
2012-03-08 Visual Studio Plugins Franciszek E. Binczyk
2012-03-08 Create your own MITK Datatype Bastian Graser
2012-02-22 Git Bisect Jan Hering
2012-02-15 Git Stash Andreas Fetzer
2012-02-08 gitk Jonas Cordes
2012-01-25 Git Rebase Interactive Tobias Schroeder
2012-01-11 UI Widgets in MITK Alfred Franz

2011 seminars

Date PDF link Presenter
2011-12-14 Merging multiple bundles into one Caspar Goch
2011-11-30 Git GUI Alexander Seitel
2011-11-23 Git Workflows: #1 Bug integration Thomas Kilgus
2011-11-16 CPack Peter Neher
2011-11-09 Bug Squashing Evaluation Lena Maier-Hein
2011-10-19 Design Patterns: Observer Whiteboard Jasmin Metzger
2011-09-28 Unusual bugs Bastian Graser
2011-08-24 ITK ResourceProbe Jan Hering
2011-08-17 Boost Compressed Pair Raluca Pahontu
2011-08-10 Const correctness Clarence Bartenhagen
2011-08-03 Signals and Slots in Qt Diana Wald
2011-07-13 Code Complexity Stefan Kislinskiy
2011-07-06 Copy constructors and assignment operators Thomas van Bruggen
2011-06-29 HowTo write a good CPU-based ITK-ThreadedGenerateData Ignaz Reicht
2011-06-22 MetaObjectCompiler Ingmar Gergel
2011-06-08 The this pointer in C++ David Guerrero
2011-06-01 Initialization Caspar Goch
2011-05-25 UML - Creating an activity diagram Michael Müller
2011-05-18 Template Specialization Klaus Fritzsche
2011-05-11 C++ Inheritance Sascha Zelzer
2011-04-06 Undo in MITK Ingmar Wegner
2011-03-30 The Command Pattern Andreas Fetzer
2011-03-23 Digital Numerical Representations Markus Fangerau
2011-03-09 QThread in MITK Peter Neher
2011-03-02 Filter in MITK Thomas Kilgus
2011-01-19 Boost Alexander Seitel
2011-01-12 OpenCV Anja Groch

2010 seminars

Date PDF link Presenter
2010-12-22 Void Pointer Ignaz Reicht
2010-12-15 Defining your own MITK Datatypes Klaus Fritzsche
2010-12-01 Operator Overloading Sascha Zelzer
2010-11-17 Desing Pattern Factory Method De Long Iu
2010-11-10 The VNL library Tobias Heimann
2010-11-03 ITK Events Michael Müller
2010-10-20 MITK-Core Roundtrip Sven Mersmann
2010-09-29 Mitk-Channel Kwong Yung
2010-09-15 Virtual Methods Thomas van Bruggen
2010-08-08 Internationalization Markus Engel
2010-09-01 Friend Classes Bastian Graser
2010-08-25 vtkDebugLeaks $ vtk Memory Management Diana Wald
2010-08-18 Exception-safe Code Paul Mercea
2010-08-11 Multiple Inheritance Alexander Seitel
2010-08-04 Traits Caspar Goch
2010-04-28 Shared Libraries Markus Fangerau
2010-04-07 HDF5-Lib Sven Mersmann
2010-03-17 Design Patterns and the proxy pattern Michael Müller
2010-03-10 Things to know about the QmitkFunctionality class Michael Müller
2010-03-03 Doxygen Caspar Goch
2010-02-24 MITK Style Guide Diana Wald
2010-02-03 Exceptions in C++ Michael Müller
2010-01-11 C++ STL I$O-Streams Daniel Maleike
2010-01-11 MITK Application Deployment Matthias Baumhauer

2009 seminars

Date PDF link Presenter
2009-11-04 MITK Coordinate Systems Tobias Schwarz
2009-09-30 The BlueBerry Selection Service Klaus Fritzsche
2009-07-01 The MITK$ITK Pipeline Phillip Hartmann
2009-06-17 How source code becomes executable (the "play" button) Daniel Maleike
2009-06-03 New logging macros for MITK Markus Fangerau
2009-05-27 Eclipse UI Guidelines Michael Müller
2009-05-20 DataStorage finally replaces DataTree Jochen Neuhaus
2009-05-07 The Preferences Service Michael Müller