MITK Users Meeting 2015 Slides

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We want to thank everyone who contributed to and attended the MITK Users Meeting 2015. For those of you who did not manage to come, as well as for those attendees who asked us to upload the talks for later perusal, we are proud to announce we have managed to do just that. Again thanks to all the speakers/presenters wo allowed us to upload their talks/demos.

Marco Nolden Welcome Talk
User experience Session I
Michael Müller Surgery Pad - A mobile augmented reality application using MITK
Martin Klemm OpenIGTLink Support for MITK
Caspar Goch MITK Diffusion - Adapting a MITK based application to topic focussed medical research
User experiece Session II
Keno März/Alfred Franz Ultrasound Guided Navigation: Application Example in MITK
Laura Sanz Optical Navigation for Cranio-Maxillofacial (CMF) Surgery
User experiece Session III
Thomas Fitze/Benedikt Helgason/Yves Pauchard Supporting the finite element modelling workflow with MITK Workbench
Charlotte Debus Model fitting of dynamic data: Implementation of perfusion models for radiotherapy analysis
Topic Talks
Marco Nolden/Sascha Zelzer Development Process
Marco Nolden/Stefan Kislinskiy Future of MITK
Stefan Kislinskiy Presenting the new release

If you are missing your contribution and want us to upload it, please do not hesitate to ask.