MITK ReleaseNotes 2016.03

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MITK ReleaseNotes 2016.03

This is the 2016.03 release of the MITK release cycle. You find a list of new features, bug fixes and known issues below:

What is included?

Binary installers for Windows, Linux, and OS X are provided, which contain the MITK Workbench application. In addition to image loading/saving and level windowing, the following plugins are included:

  • Volume Visualization
  • Measurement
  • Interactive Segmentation
  • Logging View
  • Remeshing
  • Pointset Interaction
  • Image Cropper
  • View Navigator
  • Screenshot Maker
  • Movie Maker
  • experimental DICOM Query/Retrieve (based on components from the Common Toolkit CTK)

Please note that the installers neither contain the source code nor header files of the precompiled libraries. To develop applications or plug-ins with MITK please get the source code.

How to get it?

Please have a look at the download page.

Highlights of 2016.03 release

Build System

  • Qt 4 support was dropped completely
  • Qt 5 is supported up to version 5.5 (MITK Python components up to version 5.4)
  • Boost (header-only part) is a core dependency now
  • CMake 3.2 still is the minimum required version
  • Minimum required compiler versions (no changes):
    • GNU 4.7.3
    • Clang 3.4
    • AppleClang 5.0
    • MSVC 2012 (deprecated, will be MSVC 2013 in next release)


The Welcome page of the MITK Workbench includes a tutorial slide show that explains the MITK Workbench basics.

Removed Functionality

The registration plugin has been retired from the binary release due to some usability issues. It will be completely replaced with a better alternative in the near future.

Changed API

  • Subtle changes in public interface of mitk::DataInteractor (see migration example):
    • Get/SetDataNode() method signatures changed from mitk::DataNode::Pointer to native pointers
    • NodeType typedef was removed
  • mitk::DisplayGeometry has been removed alongside the old interaction system

New Features

  • A dedicated CMake function for the creation of command line apps is provided
  • It is possible to include the Visual Studio redistributable in the installer
  • The QmitkPlotWidget supports error bars
  • The welcome page has been redesigned and new MITK tutorial presentations are available within the Workbench as well as Tutorials



  • The image type of newly created segmentations is mitk::LabelSetImage, which is bundled with its own reader and writer based on the NRRD image format. You are still able to save segmentation images as binary NRRD images, though.
  • Attention: The public API of the MultiLabel module is still subject to change

Navigation (IGT, US and ToF)

Please see MITK_IGT_ReleaseNotes_2016.03.

Third-Party Toolkits

The following toolkits were updated:

  • Boost 1.59
  • CTK b721b7ca
  • Poco 1.6.1

The following third-party toolkits were added to the MITK superbuild:

  • VMTK (vtk6 branch, 90e0233)

Deprecated Functionality

The documentation contains a detailed list of deprecated functionality.

Major changes ahead

  • We are working on the migration of MITK to some up-to-date third-party toolkit versions, in particular ITK 4.9, VTK 7, and Qt 5.6.
  • As Qt 5.6 is the first LTS release since Qt 4.8 and has breaking changes compared to Qt 5.5, we will require Qt 5.6 as minimal required version. Qt 5.6 is not yet supported, though.
  • We will drop MSVC 2012 support.
  • The manual registration plugin will be replaced with a better alternative.
  • The image cropper plugin will be completely rewritten for better usability.
  • The segmentation plugin will be rewritten for full multi-label support.


In the 7 months since the last release 180 bugs were fixed.

Known Issues

  • MITK Python does not work with Qt 5.5
  • The OS X installer is missing some icons for buttons (fixed in the latest master branch)

For a more complete and up-to-date list of all current major bugs check our bug tracker

List of all contributors

We want to thank all developers who contributed to the MITK 2016.03 release:

  • Clara Meinzer
  • Danial Saruji
  • Daniel Maleike
  • Heather
  • Ingmar Wegner
  • Martin Klemm
  • Matt Clarkson
  • Miklos Espak
  • Rostislav Khlebnikov
  • Taylor Braun-Jones
  • Thorge Mueller
  • Yan Zhang
  • Adrian Winterstein
  • Alex Tschlatscher
  • Alexander Seitel
  • Alfred Franz
  • Andre Krohn
  • Andreas Fetzer
  • Axel Wagner
  • Caspar Goch
  • Christian Weber
  • Christoph Kolb
  • Daniel Knorr
  • Daniel Schmid
  • Dominique Cheray
  • Eric Heim
  • Esther Wild
  • Fabian Isensee
  • Guido Schmidt
  • Jan Hering
  • Janek Gröhl
  • Jasmin Metzger
  • Jens Kleesiek
  • Jens Petersen
  • Jonas Cordes
  • Joseph Görres
  • Justin Iszatt
  • Keno März
  • Marcel Reich
  • Marco Nolden
  • Markus Engel
  • Martin Hettich
  • Matthias Eisenmann
  • Michael Brehler
  • Michael Goetz
  • Nico Riecker
  • Nils Gaehlert
  • Peter Neher
  • Ralf Floca
  • Sandy Engelhardt
  • Sebastian Wirkert
  • Stefan Kislinskiy
  • Thomas Kilgus
  • Thomas Kirchner
  • Tobias Norajitra
  • Tobias Ross
  • Tobias Weihs
  • Vincent Reuter