MITK Release Cycle

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The MITK toolkit is released in snapshots every 3-4 months. The focus of the snapshots is the toolkit. They contain the source code and binary packages of an application for image viewing, measurement and segmentation.

Apart from the snapshots several projects release specific application versions and configurations like Diffusion Imaging.

Release schedule

Name Status Release date Feature freeze Comments
MITK 2018.04.2 Released 13.03.2019 - Bugfix Release for MITK 2018.04, Support for Nvidia AI-Assisted Annotation
MITK 2018.04 Released 03.12.2018 June 2018 Minimum required Qt version is 5.11.1
MITK 2016.11 Released 03.02.2017 01.10.2016 Minimum required Qt version is 5.6
MITK 2016.03 Released 15.04.2016 01.03.2016 No more Qt 4 support, Qt 5 up to version 5.5
MITK 2015.05.2 Released 17.09.2015 - Bugfix Release for MITK 2015.05
MITK 2015.05 Released 18.06.2015 04.03.2015 CMake minimum version 3.2.1, Qt 5 support
MITK 2014.10 Released 27.11.2014 12.09.2014 New Plugins for e.g. Remeshing, Movie/Screenshotmaker, ...
MITK 2014.03 Released 15.04.2014 12.03.2014 Includes VTK 6 compatibility
MITK 2013.12 Released 09.12.2013 12.11.2013 Geometry redesign, mitk::ScalarType moved from float to double
MITK 2013.09 Released 07.10.2013 10.09.2013
MITK 2013.06 Released 28.06.2013 12.06.2013 Moved to ITK4
MITK 2013.03 Released 31.03.2013 13.03.2013 Redesigned interaction framwork
MITK 2012.12 Released 20.12.2012 28.11.2012 Image-access via dedicated ImageAccessors
MITK 2012.09 Released 25.09.2012 04.09.2012 Includes experimental DICOM Query/Retrieve
MITK 2012.06 Released 15.06.2012 30.05.2012
MITK 2012.02 Released 07.02.2012 01.02.2012 Test release, no binary packages, only source

Version scheme

Toolkit versions of MITK consist of three components, defined in CMake/mitkSetupVariables.cmake and accessible through MITKConfig.cmake and mitkConfig.h

  • MITK_VERSION_MAJOR: Year of the release
  • MITK_VERSION_MINOR: Month of the release (two digits)
  • MITK_VERSION_PATCH: Numbering of releases in this month:
    • .0 is the first one,
    • .2 the second one (based on .0, not HEAD)
    • odd numbers specifying development versions

2012.02.0 is the first snapshot release in February 2012. Bugfix releases for this will be called 2012.02.2, 2012.02.4 ... .

Why is there no MITK 1.0?

MITK as a toolkit is mature and usable for some time now. Somehow we "missed" releasing a specific version as 1.0 . Since 1.0 mostly has a political and cultural meaning (see Wikipedia on this) we decided to skip 1.0 and move to a date-based versioning scheme for the toolkit.

Still there will be 1.0 releases of applications based on MITK.

Old versions

The old versioning scheme created some confusion, so we will give a short overview on the existing versions so far:

0.10, 0.12, 0.12.2, 0.14 Official releases
0.99.x Snapshot releases that were intended as previews of MITK 1.0 . These are completely outdated, see above
0.15.1 This is the current master/trunk/HEAD release, following our old versioning scheme. As soon as we have completely moved to the new scheme this number will not appear anywhere anymore.

Other versions

Tags named "releases/snapshot-YYYYMMDD" are usually created for projects using MITK which need to permanently mark a specific version of MITK. Please be aware that these releases are not always fully tested since most projects only use parts of MITK.

Version control

New versions will be put in branches named releases/2012-02 during development and tagged after the release. More detailed information will be put here and on the download page.