MITK IGT ReleaseNotes 2016.03

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The MITK 2016.03 release comes together with a source code release of the modules and plugins for medical navigation / computer-assisted interventions (MITK-IGT, MITK-US, MITK-ToF). This includes many bug fixes and new features as listed below.


OpenIGTLink (First tested release of our new OpenIGTLink module):

  • UI support for sending and receiving:
    • Ultrasound data (plugin org.mitk.gui.qt.ultrasound)
    • Tracking data (plugin org.mitk.gui.qt.igttracking)
  • UI for managing OpenIGTLink streams (plugin org.mitk.gui.qt.openigtlink)
  • Three simple example views (plugin org.mitk.gui.qt.igtexamples) which are the basis for the new IGT Tutorial Step 5 - OpenIGTLink Tutorial:
    • OpenIGTLink Example: Receiving tracking data
    • OpenIGTLink Provider Example: Sending tracking data
    • Extended OpenIGTLink Example: Receive tracking and ultrasound data simultaneously
  • New features include:
    • Ability to receive TRANSFORM and IMAGE messages
    • Ability to send any type of message
    • Ability to communicate with the PLUS Toolkit (Image and Tracking Messages)
    • Enabled receiving multiple messages at the same time
  • Known issues:
    • Cannot receive TDATA messages in MITK (bug 19677)
    • Cannot send multiple message types at the same time (bug 19466)

New structure for tracking devices:

  • Tracking devices can easily be added from external projects and integrated into the tracking toolbox via micro services
    • New classes derived from the abstract TrackingDeviceTypeInformation class hold all relevant information for using the devices
    • The micro service TrackingDeviceTypeCollection contains all registered tracking devices and can easily be accessed from internal and external MITK projects
  • A second micro service (TrackingDeviceWidgetCollection) for configuration widgets enables the reusability of these widgets in different plugins
    • Widgets for configuring the tracking devices are derived from the abstract QmitkAbstractTrackingDeviceWidget and – if registered with the micro service – are automatically available in the tracking toolbox (via QmitkTrackingDeviceConfigurationWidget)
  • Documentation and a manual on how to implement and integrate a new tracking device can be found here:

New tool tip calibration view:

  • The new view is included in the plugin org.mitk.gui.qt.igttracking
  • Features:
    • define a tool tip by using a second reference sensor or by giving a tool tip transformation manually
    • persist the tool tip transformation in a MITK tool file
    • additional tool landmarks can be defined and used for CT registration, etc.

Minor changes

  • Virtual tracker now can simulate noise (bug 2176)
  • Order of navigation tools inside a tool storage is editable (bug 14434)
  • New module IGTBase for general IGT classes (bug 18380)
  • Fixed bugs in NavigationDataReaderCSV (bug 19259)
  • Fixed crashes in the UI for the virtual tracker (bug 19413)
  • Added new unit tests for OpenIGTLink (bug 18380)
  • New filter for logging of ultrasound images (bug 17034)

Special thanks go to all external contributors who helped to improve the MITK navigation modules. Your input helps to improve the releases significantly!