MITK ReleaseNotes 2014.10

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MITK ReleaseNotes 2014.10

This is the 2014.10 release of the MITK release cycle. The complete list of new features, bug fixes and known issues is down on this page.

What's included?

Binary installers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux are provided, which contain the MITK Workbench application. In addition to image loading/saving and level windowing, the following plugins are included:

  • Volume Visualization
  • Measurement
  • Interactive Segmentation
  • Logging View
  • experimental DICOM Query/Retrieve (based on components from the Common Toolkit CTK)

The following plugins have been newly added in this version:

  • Remeshing:
Optimize and resample your surface meshes
  • Pointset Interaction:
Place seedpoints, correspondences, or landmarks
  • Image Cropper:
VOI selection based on various shapes
  • View Navigator:
Easily access views and perspectives & create new perspectives
  • Screenshot Maker:
Create high resolution screenshots of your data
  • experimental Movie Maker:
Create videos of your data using timeline based animations
  • experimental Point-based, rigid and manual registration

Please note that the installers do not contain the source code or header files for the precompiled libraries. To develop applications or plugins with MITK please get the source code.

How to get it?

Please have a look at the download page.

Highlights of 2014.10 release

Build system

  • Support for CMake 3.0
  • Recommended Doxygen version is now 1.8.7
  • Mac OS X
    • MITK Workbench Installers for Mac OS X 10.7+
    • Full support for MITK development on Mac OS X 10.9
    • Full support for clang 6.0 compiler
    • Dropped support for gcc compiler

Core modules

The MitkCore module gained the following new features:

  • New I/O concept based on new new IFileReader and IFileWriter interfaces
  • Vector image support has been added to mitk::Image and the ITK access macros
  • Image read and write accessors together with ITK macros now handle const and non-const mitk::Image instances correctly
  • Ongoing refactoring of the geometry classes:
    • New abstract BaseGeometry class
    • New inheritance of geometry classes
    • Geometry2D replaced by existing PlaneGeometry
    • All variables are private now
    • More information here

The CppMicroServices library now features:


The following modules were newly added or factored out from existing modules:

  • DICOMReader and DICOMTesting for advanced reading of DICOM files
  • DicomRT for handling Radio-Therapy dose images and RT structure sets
  • LegacyIO containing the deprecated I/O system (this module will be removed again in the future)
  • QtOverlays containing Qt-based overlays (factored out from the Overlays module)
  • XNAT (experimental) for accessing XNAT session objects as service objects


  • Reworked Python-Wrapping: More information here.


The 3D interpolation has been improved in many areas:

  • Speed-up of interpolation time
  • Undo/Redo working
  • Live Wire tool is now also working in combination with the 3D interpolation
  • Save 3D interpolation as a MITK scene file and reinit interpolation across application restart

MITK Workbench

  • New icon theme


  • New persistence framework to store GUI parameters until next start of the application
  • New design of the navigation data player

Third-Party Toolkits

The following toolkits were updated:

  • Boost (1.56)
  • CTK (65420ed0)
  • Qxt (3e7424f842d4)
  • VTK (6.1.0+74f4888)

The following third-party toolkits were added to the MITK superbuild:

  • Numpy
  • Eigen
  • PCRE
  • Python
  • SimpleITK
  • Swig
  • ZLIB

Deprecated Functionality

The documentation contains a detailed list of deprecated functionality. Please find a summary below:

  • The previous I/O system has been deprecated and will be removed in the future.
  • Some MITK macros for C++ unit testing have been deprecated.
  • The Qxt library will not be included anymore starting with the next release
  • Early announcement: The next release will be based on Qt5. Qt4 support might be declared deprecated in the next release and dropped in the release after next.

Breaking Changes

Breaking changes related to CTK:

  • The syntax for specifying library versions when pre-loading them using berry::Platform::ARG_PRELOAD_LIBRARY changed from *libMyLibrary:1.0* to *libMyLibrary$1.0* (fixing a bug when using absolute library paths on Windows).

Breaking changes related to CppMicroServices:

  • The signature of the usFunctionEmbedResources CMake macro changed.
  • If a service interface was used in qobject_cast calls (e.g. in the CTK Plugin Framework context) and that service interface does not inherit from QObject and does not provide its own Q_DECLARE_INTERFACE macro, the newly introduced MITK_DECLARE_SERVICE_INTERFACE macro must be used (instead of the US_DECLARE_SERVICE_INTERFACE macro). See this code for an example.


In the 8 months since the last release more than 400 bugs were fixed.

Not everything could be fixed in time, so here are the most important known issues

New feature list

Complete list of new features since MITK 2014.10:

ID Comp Summary
16117 BlueBerry Add print(er) support
16272 Build system Build system support for Qt5 + QML demo application
16865 Build system
18035 Build system CDash clients should display pretty distribution names in their build name
18160 Build system Implement possibility to switch between different icon sets
18323 Build system Define MITK Diffusion specific MITK_BUILD_CONFIGURATION
17832 Build system Update CTK for improved XNAT support
15749 Core Compression should be configurable in mitkImageWriter
17738 Core Alternative projections for thick slice mode
17196 Core DisplayInteractor should support more configuration
15852 Core platformproject: enable easy conversion of datatypes Point/Vector/Matrix from and to MITK
17934 Core ImageWriteAccessor should ignore ReadAccessors with IgnoreLock option
17931 Core ImageToItk should lock input image for reading if output image is const
17986 Core Enable mitk::Image to contain itk::VectorImage
15821 Core Add possibility to accessByItk using ReadAccessor
17960 Core Image loaded from DICOM should have property containing the modality
16862 Core Disable repositioning region on window resize
17727 Core Add support for renderer specific property predicate
17035 Core Introduce new Geometry concept: BaseGeometry class, less inheritance, etc (Platform project)
16744 Core Refactoring of DicomSeriesReader
17918 Core Introduce hidden objects in the data storage
17441 Diffusion Setup NonLocalMeansDenoisingTest
17592 Diffusion Fiberfox: image input to determine non-fiber volume fractions
15770 Diffusion Multishell Signal Processing
17757 Diffusion DICOM export from CL (MiniApp)
17760 Diffusion Include Resampling to fixed spacing into BatchedRegistration
17626 Diffusion refactor PreprocessingView Layout
17820 Diffusion Enhance BatchedFolderRegistration
17961 Diffusion Resampling MiniApp for regular Images and DW Images
17811 Diffusion Improve Connectomics mini apps functionality
17968 Diffusion Implement mit diffusion navigator view
17994 Diffusion Create random parcellation view
8870 Diffusion Highlight selected ROI if Fiber Bundle Operations View is active
17973 Diffusion XML support for diffusion miniapps
18234 Diffusion segmentation view should be included in fiber processing perspective
15630 Documentation Refer to image documentation in doxygen class description
14420 Documentation Fix up documentation to be pdf ready
18146 Documentation Improve Viewnavigator documentation
17718 IGT Workerthreads for tracking plugins
17735 IGT Make tool landmarks editable in the navigation tool manager
17922 IGT Change tool color if navigation tool is invalid
17771 IGT Add method to get raw displacement navigation data from mitk::NodeDisplacementFilter
17690 Measurement Refactor intensity profile computation
18094 Measurement Implement intensity profile computation
17824 Modules QmitkUSNewVideoDeviceWidget does not offer a file open dialog for video files
17840 Modules USDevice should notify about property changes.
17859 Modules Method for getting if at least one calibration for a Combined Modality was loaded.
17861 Modules Documentation of the ultrasound module should be updated to reflect the current status of the module
16625 Modules PlanarCircle should be editable with each point on the circle
16623 Modules Make OpenCV GrabCut algorithm available in MITK
18116 Modules Integrate personal simulation branch
15104 Modules Create Overlay framework for managing different types of graphic items in the renderwindows
17911 Modules US Telemed devices: get image geometry from device
17846 Modules RT structureset reader refactoring
17847 Modules RT dose-image reader refactoring
16643 Modules Persistence framework for MITK
17987 Other Enable / disable mbilog output
15803 Other Eliminate compiler warnings
17689 QtWidget Implement plot widget based on gnuplot
17536 QtWidget Clean up QtWidgetsExt
15912 QtWidget QmitkTransferFunctionWidget lacks renderer-specific transfer function ability
14386 Rendering Colormaps and look-up tables
18136 Rendering Use existing scalar lookup table from vtkPolyData in SurfaceGLMapper2D
17567 Segmentation Otsu 3D Tool: selection of multiple classes
16095 Segmentation When creating a polygon the resulting data nodes should clear naming
15851 Segmentation Create user manual for clipping plane view
12304 Segmentation Intersection contour detection should cover more cases
18007 Segmentation Re-initialization of the 3D interpolation after application restart
17803 Segmentation Implement ImageToContourModelFilter
17124 ToF Kinect V2 texture mapping
12047 Workbench Segmentation perspective missing in ext app installer
17525 Workbench Number of bins of the histogram in the statistics view is fix defined
17866 Workbench Ultrasound plugin should automatically select first entry on the device lists
16294 Workbench XNAT Browsing Editor for MITK
18157 Workbench Set default focus of view navigator to search bar
17923 Workbench Persistence for Ultrasound plugin