MITK ReleaseNotes 2012.12

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This is the 2012.12 release of the MITK release cycle. This release was primary intended to be a bug fix release. The complete list of new features, bug fixes and known issues is down on this page.

What's included?

There are binary installers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux which contain the application MITK Workbench. Additional to image loading/saving and level windowing currently the following plugins are included:

  • volume visualization
  • measurement
  • interactive segmentation with
    • 3D Regiongrower
    • Boolean Operation on segmentations
    • Deformable Clippingplane
  • Logging view
  • experimental DICOM Query/Retrieve (based on components from the Common Toolkit CTK)

Please note that the installers do not contain the source code or header files for the precompiled libraries. To develop applications or plugins with MITK please get the source code.

How to get it?

Please have a look at the download page.

Highlights of 2012.12 release

  • General:
    • Upgraded the VTK version to 5.10
  • BlueBerry
    • New examples for BlueBerry showing how to customize you application and how to use the BlueBerry extension points
  • Core library:
  • Application:
    • Application icon for Mac OS X is now working
    • Levelwindow presets for Mac OS X are now working
    • Levelwindow is no longer bound by image values
  • Documentation:
    • New tutorial for how to create your own MITK project
  • Segmentation:
    • The 3D interpolation can now be activated by any time
    • The position node for navigation between the contours are now hidden by default
    • First experimental version of US module (MITK-US): support of Ultrasound live image processing in MITK
    • Trackingdevices are now available as micro services all over MITK.
  • MITK-Tof:
    • Kinect camera is now working again
    • micro services for ToFHardware devices
  • MITK Diffusion:
    • There will be a new MITK Diffusion release based on MITK 201X.XX soon
  • Measurement:
    • Fixed PlanarPath and PlanarPolygon interaction bugs for Mac OS X
    • Changing the color of the PlanarFigures is now possible
  • Rendering:
    • Fixed a bug which sometimes lets the 3 widget remain white
    • Fixed heuristic of how binary images are detected


In the 3 months since the last release more than 130 bugs were fixed.

Not everything could be fixed in time, so here are the most important known issues

New feature list

Complete list of new features since MITK 2012.09

13740 Add transformPoint method to mitkTransform Modules
13706 Add LIBRARY_DIRS parameter to FunctionCreateBlueBerryAppl... BlueBerr
13572 Port OpenCL Module to opensource MITK Modules
13564 Relax DicomSeriesReader, verify its results more (support... Core
13540 implement planar ellipse Other
13509 Improve Connectomics Documentation Document
13412 The PositionNodes of the segmentation should be hidden by... Segmenta
13385 Remove ContourListID property from segmentation Segmenta
13352 PlanarFigure Controlpoints should be drawn with same shad... Modules
13290 Integrate FPS measurement into org.mitk.gui.qt.ultrasound Modules
13212 DisplayVectorInteractorLevelWindow shall be extended to i... Core
13192 Merge BlueBerry examples. BlueBerr
13040 Find a solution for loading MITK modules which are not li... Core
12770 Extend navigation tools by tool landmarks IGT
11901 Implement mitkIOUtil and QmitkIOUtil Core
11844 Improve Layout of QmitkFiducialRegistrationWidget IGT
11309 It should be able to activate the 3D interpolation afterw... Segmenta
10161 Implement automatic tests for rendering classes Renderin
9589 Flip Image Filter for Basicimageprocessing ExtApp P
9258 IGT Tracking Lab - A plugin for IGT practice IGT
8545 More basic functions in Mitk::Image (e.g. SetPixel) Core
4853 Move QmitkProgressBar to BlueBerry-independent CoreUI Qt GUI M