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Latest release: MITK 2018.04.2

Older version are further down on this page.

Nightly generated documentation

Documentation is also generated nightly by Doxygen from the MITK Git repository:

BlueBerry documentation

The BlueBerry framework has its own doxygen documentation here.

To get started read HowToNewProject.

Read the MITK Plugin Style Guide for more information about the structure and content of a MITK Plug-in.

Other documentation

Bug Squashing Seminars

Once a week we start our bug squashing party with a short talk about some MITK or software related topicv. The seminar slides are collected on BugSquashingSeminars.

MITK workshop at the BVM Conference

MITK workshop at the BVM Conference 2013 In March 2013 we held yet another tutorial on MITK during the conference BVM. Here are the slides:

MITK Tutorial BVM 2013

MITK workshop at the BVM Conference 2010 In March 2010 we held another tutorial on MITK during the conference BVM. Here are the slides (some are only in German):

MITK: MITK Tutorial BVM 2010

BlueBerry framework: BlueBerry BVM 2010


MITK workshop at the BVM Conference 2009 In March 2009 we held a tutorial on MITK during the conference BVM. Here are the slides:

Data management in MITK: DataManagement BVM 2009

Introduction to MITK-IGT: MITK IGT BVM 2009

Introduction to openCherry: openCherry BVM 2009


We maintain a Mailinglist for MITK. Searching the archives with GMane could help to find answers to your questions. Of course, posting your questions to the mailing list will get you an answer too.

Documentation for all released versions

Version Release date Documentation
2018.04.00 03.12.2018 API Tutorial User Manual
2016.11.00 03.02.2017 API Tutorial User Manual
2016.03.00 15.04.2016 API Tutorial User Manual
2015.05.00 18.06.2015 API Tutorial User Manual
2014.03.00 15.04.2014 API Tutorial User Manual
2013.12.00 09.12.2013 API Tutorial User Manual
2013.09.00 07.10.2013 API Tutorial User Manual
2013.06.00 28.06.2013 API Tutorial User Manual
2013.03.00 31.03.2013 API Tutorial User Manual
2012.12.00 20.12.2012 API Tutorial User Manual
2012.09.00 25.09.2012 API Tutorial User Manual
2012.06.00 15.06.2012 API Tutorial User Manual
2012.02.00 07.02.2012 API Tutorial User Manual