Release Notes MITK 0.14

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MITK 0.14 is an intermediate release on our way to MITK 1.0 which is scheduled for the beginning of March 2010. All Qt3 based classes have been removed and all features have been ported to Qt4. Get it from the Download page.


  • MinGW support (see MinGW Instructions for details)
  • build system refactoring. MITK has now a small Core and multiple add-on modules
  • Diffusion Imaging module
  • Scene Serialization module that is able to serialize a DataStorage including all data objects and the properties into a file
  • New GPGPU module for GPU-accelerated image processing (Experimental, still work in progress)
  • new logging system 'mbilog'
  • fast GPU based volume rendering

Application Framework

  • Qmitk is now Qt4 based
  • Official support for the application framework openCherry (BlueBerry and
  • New extensible application based on Qt4 and openCherry, called ExtApp
  • Support for "Perspectives", "Intros", "Sticky Views", and more
  • PlanarFigure framework to represent 2D geometric planar figures (lines, circles, polygons, ...)
  • DataTree is deprecated. The ExtApp uses only the DataStorage. All other components (rendering,...) also use the DataStorage
  • more flexible GUI presentation of renderwindows


  • Virtual Tracking Device class that moves virtual tools on random spline paths
  • Improved handling of wired tools for NDI Aurora
  • Improvements for NavigationDataLandmarkTransformFilter
  • New filter: NavigationDataToMessageFilter throws events if NavigationData properties change
  • Many new unit tests
  • Improved IGT Example view,
  • Tutorials and examples are ported to new openCherry based ExtApp