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NVIDIA AI-Assisted Annotation

In cooperation with NVIDIA and the MITK Core developers from DKFZ, NVIDIA's AI-Assisted Annotation Client was integrated into our latest version of the MITK Workbench.

We are very happy to provide you with installers of the MITK Workbench v2018.04.2 (Release Notes), including the NVIDIA segmentation tools which you can use to leverage the power of an NVIDIA AI-Assisted Annotation Server.

MITK Workbench v2018.04.2 downloads: http://mitk.org/wiki/Downloads

Nvidia AI-Assisted Annotation Client: https://github.com/NVIDIA/ai-assisted-annotation-client

Nvidia's Dev Blogs: Fast AI Assisted Annotation and Transfer Learning with Clara Train

Nvidia News Center: NVIDIA Clara Train Annotation Will be integrated into MITK