MITK IGT ReleaseNotes 2015.05

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The MITK 2015.05 release comes together with a source code release of the modules and plugins for medical navigation / computer-assisted interventions (MITK-IGT, MITK-US, MITK-ToF). This includes many bug fixes and new features as listed below.

  • OpenIGTLink: MITK now includes an experimental version of the OpenIGTLink module (UI support for tracking and ultrasound connections is planned for the next release)
  • Easy cmake configurations: If you want to build the MITK navigation modules, you'll have to build OpenCV and OpenIGTLink during the superbuild. For an easy configuration, simply select for the MITK_BUILD_CONFIGURATION variable the option "mitkNavigationModules" (advanced settings). This will build all modules needed for the usage of MITK-IGT.
  • NavigationDataSet: NavigationDatas can now be stored in a NavigationDataSet that functions as a container for NavigationDatas. The new NavigationDataRecorder is used to stream Data into a NavigationdDataSet
  • NavigationDataReader / -writer: Both reader and Writer have been changed to work with the NavigationDataSet
  • NavigationDataPlayer Plugin: A new overhauled plugin allows to replay NavigationData easily. It also allows to make NavigationData streams available via a MicroService. This way, other applications that consume tracking-data can easily be supplied a dummy stream of reproducible data.
  • Virtual Tracker: The virtual tracker has now UI-Support (previously, it existed only as a class)
  • Tested Kinect for XBox 360 with Visual Studio 2012 and Ubuntu 14.04 including Qt5 and c++11.
  • Hardware support: All supported and partly supported hardware can now be found in the new Hardware list (see Hardware_Support)
  • Persistence: The persistence for the IGT- and US-plugin was improved, especially for the tools in the tracking toolbox.
  • The NDI Polaris' tracking rate can now be easily configured in the IGT Tracking Toolbox plugins GUI.
  • The "Options" of the IGT Tracking Toolbox tab now includes options to set different logging and render update rates or to disable rendering, or even all timers entirely.
  • Freeze Tracking: Tracking can now be frozen and unfrozen via the "Freeze Tracking" button in the Tracking Control section of the IGT Tracking Toolbox.
  • Bugfixes: We fixed a lot of minor bugs...