MITK ReleaseNotes 2016.11

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MITK ReleaseNotes 2016.11

This is the 2016.11 release of the MITK release cycle. You find a list of new features, bug fixes and known issues below:

What is included?

Binary installers for Windows and Linux are provided, which contain the MITK Workbench application. In addition to image loading/saving and level windowing, the following plugins are included:

  • Volume Visualization
  • Measurement
  • Interactive Segmentation
  • Logging View
  • Remeshing
  • Pointset Interaction
  • Image Cropper (completely rewritten)
  • View Navigator
  • Screenshot Maker
  • Movie Maker
  • Registration (MatchPoint)
  • experimental Multi-label segmentation
  • experimental DICOM Query/Retrieve (based on components from the Common Toolkit CTK)

Please note that the installers neither contain the source code nor header files of the precompiled libraries. To develop applications or plug-ins with MITK please get the source code.

Why isn't there an installer for macOS anymore?

Unfortunately Qt 5.6+ seems to be incompatible with classic VTK rendering on macOS under certain conditions. We recommend to use MITK 2016.03 on this platform instead.

You're still able to build and execute MITK on macOS, though. You should switch off MITK_USE_Qt5_WebEngine in CMake then. The help system and the image statistics plugin aren't available in this mode, but the rendering is working as expected.

How to get it?

See download page.

Highlights of 2016.11 release

Build System

  • Qt 5.6 and 5.7.1 are supported. Version 5.8 is not yet supported and support for versions below 5.6 was dropped completely.
  • CMake 3.5 is the minimum required version now
  • Minimum required compiler versions:
    • GNU 4.9
    • Clang 3.4
    • AppleClang 5.0
    • MSVC 2013 Update 5

Better support of mirrored and oblique images

Very special thanks go to Miklos Espak from UCL, who contributed awesome fixes for our geometry system. If you had trouble with the display of your images in the past, definitely give MITK 2016-11 a try!

Changed API

  • mitk::PlaneGeometry
    • InitializeStandardPlane() methods have an additional bool parameter "top".
  • mitk::SlicedGeometry3D
    • InitializeEvenlySpaced() methods don't have the parameter "flipped" anymore
    • Pass a left-handed or right-handed PlaneGeometry instead

New Features

  • We integrated sophisticated tools for image registration based on MatchPoint
  • Experimental plugins for creating multi-label segmentations
  • The image cropper plugin was completely rewritten to be more user-friendly
  • The image statistics functionailities were overhauled

Third-Party Toolkits

The following toolkits were updated:

  • Boost 1.60
  • CTK 9440d3c9
  • DCMTK 3.6.1_20160216
  • GDCM 2.6.3
  • HDF5 1.8.17
  • ITK 4.9
  • OpenCV
  • VTK 7.0

The following third-party toolkits were added to the MITK superbuild:

  • MatchPoint rev1681

Deprecated Functionality

The documentation contains a detailed list of deprecated functionality.


In the 10 months since the last release approx. 250 bugs were fixed.

Known Issues

  • Rendering on macOS glitches if MITK_USE_Qt5_WebEngine is switched on and any help page or the image statistics plugin is open at the same time as the rendering windows.

For a more complete and up-to-date list of all current major bugs check our new MITK bug tracker

List of all contributors

We want to thank all developers who contributed to the MITK 2016.11 release:

  • Alexander Kuznetsov
  • Alfred Franz
  • Amir Kalali
  • Andre Klein
  • Andreas Fetzer
  • Aurélien Labrosse
  • Caspar Goch
  • Christoph Kolb
  • Clemens Hentschke
  • Daniel Maleike
  • Dominique Cheray
  • Eric Heim
  • Esther Stenau
  • Fabian Isensee
  • Jakob Wasserthal
  • Jan Hering
  • Janek Gröhl
  • Jasmin Metzger
  • Jens Petersen
  • Jonas Cordes
  • Lanlan Zhang
  • Laura Most
  • Markus Engel
  • Martin Hettich
  • Matt Clarkson
  • Matthias Eisenmann
  • Mia Makosch
  • Michael Goetz
  • Mikhail Pukhlikov
  • Miklos Espak (see Better support of mirrored and oblique images above)
  • Nils Gaehlert
  • Patrick Klinowski
  • Peter Neher
  • Ralf Floca
  • Sandy Engelhardt
  • Sarina Thomas
  • Sebastian Wirkert
  • Stefan Dinkelacker
  • Taylor Braun-Jones
  • Tobias Norajitra