MITK ReleaseNotes 2013.03

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This is the 2013.03 release of the MITK release cycle. The complete list of new features, bug fixes and known issues is down on this page.

What's included?

There are binary installers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux which contain the application MITK Workbench. Additional to image loading/saving and level windowing currently the following plugins are included:

  • volume visualization
  • measurement
  • interactive segmentation with
    • 3D Regiongrower
    • Boolean Operation on segmentations
    • Deformable Clippingplane
  • Logging view
  • experimental DICOM Query/Retrieve (based on components from the Common Toolkit CTK)

Please note that the installers do not contain the source code or header files for the precompiled libraries. To develop applications or plugins with MITK please get the source code.

How to get it?

Please have a look at the download page.

Highlights of 2013.03 release

  • General:
    • Upgraded CTK to fef76cef
  • Core library:
    • Rework of the interaction framework, with focus on configurability and clear responsibilities. For further information see this page.
    • The mapper architecture has been redesigned in order to obtain a simplified class hierarchy. Some functions have been declared as deprecated. Click here for more information.
    • Fixed issues when displaying multiple images above each other (for a detailed explanation see bug #10174). The lowest value of every image used to be transparent. All values are displayed correctly now and additionally, background pixels are now rendered transparent in the 3D render window. As a side effect, the overall performance of image rendering increased slightly.
    • The property "use color" was replaced by a new "Image Rendering.Mode" property to choose between different rendering properties, such as lookup tables, transfer functions or enabling/disabling the level window slider. The label of the property "Image Rendering.Mode" tells which properties will be applied in which order (e.g. LevelWindow_LookUpTable_Color will first apply the level window, then a lookup table and last the color property). For more details see bug #12056.
    • MITK modules are now able to embed arbitrary files as resources in the shared library. This is used for interaction statemachine definitions, VTK shader files, etc. See the description of the resource system for details.

  • Application:
MITK-ReleaseNotes-2013-03$mitk cmdline view.png
    • We received a large contribution from the Centre for Medical Image Computing (University College of London) in the form of a MITK Workbench plug-in. Developed by Matt Clarkson, it allows the management and control of command line modules, made popular by the 3D Slicer community. The code is based on the CTK command line module support (not included in the binary installers).
    • A completely reworked Python module in MITK: One-click build system capability to generate ITK/VTK/OpenCV wrapper libraries and to use them programmatically via the new Python service or interactively via the Python console in the MITK Workbench.
  • Documentation:
    • The online documentation was restructured and enhanced, focussing on users, developers, and the API reference documentation.
    • The BlueBerry documentation was merged into the restructured MITK documentation.
  • Segmentation:
  • Statistics:
    • Redesigned histogram chart based on the java script library D3
  • MITK Diffusion:


In the 3 months since the last release more than 80 bugs were fixed.

Not everything could be fixed in time, so here are the most important known issues

New feature list

Complete list of new features since MITK 2012.12

13664 Redesign of Interaction-Statemachine
13772 Move tutorial for creating your own project to doxygen and expand it
14624 Ultrasound Plugin: Clean up and add new features
14594 implement further diffusion models
12506 New plugin to test CTK command line modules
14599 Extra dependencies for module test drivers
14568 Move RenderingTestHelper to Core\Code\Rendering
14413 Clean up Surface
14252 DicomSeriesReader should store DICOM Tags for 'rows' and 'columns' as image properties
13430 Setting up Histogram to JavaScript
12704 Implement new ContourModel for Segmentation