MITK ReleaseNotes 2012.06

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This release is the first in the new MITK release cycle. We decided to change our release cycle to a date based one and will provide releases more regularly in the future.

Since it's a long time since the last official version (0.14) was released a lot of things changed. We tried to summarize the highlights. The complete list of new features, bug fixes and known issues is down on this page.

What's included?

There are binary installers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. These installers contain a precompiled application with some basic plugins for visualization, measurement and interactive segmentation. If you build your own application from source there are even more plugins but they are not as thoroughly tested as these ones.

Please note the installers do not contain the source code or header files to use with the precompiled libraries. To develop applications or plugins with MITK please get the source code.

How to get it?

Please have a look at the download page.

Highlights of MITK 2012-06

  • General:
    • Version control switched to git
    • Much simplified build process: Superbuild automatically downloads and builds all external libraries like ITK, VTK, CTK, DCMTK, OpenCV ...
    • MITK Project Template: much easier project setup for external users
    • CTK Plugin Framework used in the application framework (BlueBerry) as extensibility layer
    • Improved shared library size and start-up time with gcc-based compilers (using visibility attributes)
    • More and better organized examples: Qt-free rendering, application framework features, tutorial steps ...
  • Core library:
    • removed dependency to the deprecated IIL library. All images are completely rendered in VTK and performance is increased significantly.
    • infrastructure for automated testing of rendering classes
    • high-performance volume rendering including software and hardware acceleration for NVidia and ATI devices.
    • reworked loading of DICOM CT/MR images, sorting of images into 3D volumes works much more consistent now
    • standardized exception handling concept for MITK. Detailed information can be found in the MITK documentation in the part MITK concepts.
    • new mitkExtractSliceFilter, for fast and arbitrary reslicing of images which eases the handling of rotated planes in rendering and interactive segmentation
    • embedded the C++ micro services project which was developed in the MITK context but can also be used independently, see for details. It will be used to replace singletons and factories and enable a more sophisticated runtime extensibility of MITK.
    • Warning free MITK Core library ( treat warnings as errors on all platforms)
  • Application:
    • PACS-like level window interaction mode (activate it in the preferences)
    • Support for loading data via command line arguments (re-using a running application instance or starting a new one)
    • Decoupled the default MITK render area (QmitkStdMultiWidget) from MITK application framework components
  • Documentation:
    • New and expanded user manual for many plugins
    • New help framework for the application
    • New doxygen page bundling more in-depth technical documentation: MITK Concepts
  • Segmentation:
    • interactive segmentation on rotated planes
    • 3D interpolation for the interactive segmentation
    • adaptive region growing
    • a deformable clipping plane allows you to plan e.g. organ resections
    • boolean operations: combine/intersect/subtract different segmentations
    • new classes for tool management
    • restructured IGT plugins: new example applications e.g. for basic tracking functionality
  • MITK-ToF:
    • Module for range data support, allows acquisition and processing of range data acquired by Time-of-Flight cameras and the Microsoft Kinect Device. More info
    • QmitkToFUtil: Viewer for range data acquired with classes of the ToF modules.
  • MITK Diffusion
    • MITK Diffusion 2012 application released
    • Fiber Processing enhanced (data structures, display and extraction of fibers)
    • Gibbs Tracking major bug fix allows reconstruction of more fibers
    • Partial volume analysis allows the export of clustering results as gray scale images
  • Video support:
    • new module containing classes for MITK OpenCV Video support. Supports grabbing of video devices and playback of videos in an MITK RenderWindow as well as conversion of OpenCV images to MITK images and vice versa.
  • Plugins:
    • new mesh decimation plugin
    • central examples plugin
    • central image measurement and statistics plugin
    • deformable clipping plane plugin

Bug fixes

More than 1200 bugs were fixed since 0.14. Here is a complete list.

Not everything could be fixed in time, so here are the most important known issues

New features

The complete list of new features since 0.14:

210 separate test images from source tree
1041 Define default segmentation colors for organs
1543 Implement Wii driver support to open.source part
1559 Make MITK compile with mingw
1769 use Logging for MITK-Tracking
1777 unit tests for navigation pipeline base classes
1779 Player & Recorder filters for MITK-IGT
1795 NavigationData to PointSet filter for MITK-IGT
2075 Add possibility to register application specific command line arguments
2076 Flexible Layout design
2087 can not change inputs of NavigationDataObjectVisualizationFilter
2099 Interface for ToF Camera and Viewer Functionality
2107 Public Diffusion Module
2112 Test for mitk::BaseData (mostly) missing
2117 Add ability to remove inputs from NavigationDataToNavigationDataFilters
2122 Specify module build system
2145 LandmarkTransformFilter should tell if it has been initialized
2149 Check case-sensitivity of module names
2163 Support the creation of external MITK projects and plug-ins
2185 Implement test cases for scene serialization
2202 Interface Rigid Registration should be redesigned.
2208 create modalityProperty
2209 enable modality-specific defaultProperties
2210 Allow segmentation on reoriented 2D slices
2274 Relocate transfer function initialization into separate class
2278 Extend mitk::GenericLookupTable
2292 RenderWindow specific handling of rendering ressources in Mappers
2294 Support usage of (VTK) shaders in mitk::SurfaceMapper
2311 PointContainer and PointDataContainer get asynchron when mitk::PointSet::SetPoint() or mitk::PointSet::InsertPoint() are called
2323 Fix mitkTrackingDeviceSourceTest
2341 Atlas based segmentations
2369 synchronization of the mitk DataStorage in multi threaded scenarios
2387 Portieren der QmitkThresholdComponent nach Qt4
2410 Add Pareto-Optimization
2420 Portieren des QmitkFunctionalityComponentContainer nach Qt4
2421 Portieren der QmitkBaseFunctionalityComponent nach Qt4
2426 Remove QMITK_EXPORT and MITKEXT_CORE_EXPORT macros from mitkCommon.h
2439 Pointset loading localization problem
2442 enhance mitkPointLocatorTest
2462 preliminary inclusion of vtk 5.5 vtkVolumeTextureMapper3D in Mitk
2481 Repair ThresholdSegmentation creation in QmitkThresholdFinder
2494 META: Create usable end-user application / demo (3M3)
2522 Implement Job Listeners
2595 Describe recommended property naming scheme
2647 GDCM2 compatibility
2653 It is not possible to set an icon for the applications title bar.
2655 3M3 Version of Measurement tools
2659 (Enhance test) Tools cannot be activated twice
2660 Missing test for mitk::PixelType
2667 IPreferencePage enhancement
2668 Add compatibility to new OpenCV 2.0
2669 Port Qmitk/QmitkExt to Qt4 without QT3SUPPORT
2684 Measurement documentation
2693 Application Frame: Buttons to change between perspectives
2716 Perspectives Meta Bug
2724 mitk::ImageWriter should report, if it changes the filename
2727 Core changes for "(3M3) Make volume visualization more user friendly and usable"
2773 Application Frame 3M-3
2787 use itk::MutexLockHolder to manage mutexes in IGT module
2799 NDITrackingDevice: active tool management is broken
2807 Rework CoreObjectFactory inheritance and registration
2893 Additional vector lengths should be allow by Pixeltype
2901 Serialisation of Diffusioin Imaging Datatypes
2926 ScaleBy principal curvature crashes
3004 Build openCherry standalone
3013 Port Scanning for NDI Tracking devices
3068 logging cleanup
3073 Redesign mitkNavigationDataPlayerTest
3087 Selected items in PointListWidget does not get a blue selection color
3096 Automatic adaptation of level window
3098 mitk::ImageStatisticsCalculator crash on selection of diffusion datasets
3109 Allow showing of different logos
3138 Implement enviroment for NavigationToolData
3139 improve NDIConfigurationWidget
3167 Create NavigationToolManagementWidget
3170 MITK public release 0.14
3177 Change 2D rendering to use VTK instead of IIL / direct OpenGL
3182 Thick-Slices in MITK
3188 CoreApp is starting, but crashes when opening the Welcome view.
3189 mitkSurfaceToSurfaceFilter lacks a Graft in the CreateOutputsForAllInputs method
3191 Write Tests for IO-Classes of NavigationToolManagement
3194 RGBA - Volumerendering support
3203 Segmentation: No volume or max. diameter info on (lesion) segmentations
3206 Improvement of Level Window Handling
3208 BugFix: SetAuto function in mitk::LevelWindow
3209 BugFix: When the input mitk::PointSet has no points, the computation of the bounding box is taking the 0,0,0 point
3211 NavigationToolWriter/Reader works only with windows pathnames
3212 BugFix: When using an empty Itk::Image, mitk::Image crashes
3216 Volume renderer mapper requires too much time for initializing
3217 mitk::ApplicationCursor should allow to get/set the mouse position
3225 Redesign QmitkFunctionality/Basic GUI Module concept
3227 Measurement bundle should show intensity profile along a section
3228 Allow to apply translation and rotation independently in ObjectVisualizationFilter
3230 Documentation for LevelWindow and its context menu
3231 New Camera Calibration View
3233 Rename openCherry to BlueBerry
3241 Create some getting started documentation for the ExtApp
3246 Look through doxygen documentation
3261 Aurora Tracking Volume seems to be wrong
3262 Insight surgery meta bug
3263 Autocropping segmentations produces offset (due to padding)
3264 Write an IGT Tracking Logger
3265 rename TrackingDevice::GetMode() to GetState()
3268 Beautify XML structure of NavigationDataRecorder
3270 Rename NavigationDataLandmarkTransformFilter::SetXXXPoints to SetXXXLandmarks
3271 Rename methods in mitk::NavigationDataObjectVisualizationFilter
3272 refactor TrackingVolume
3273 Add epsilon parameter to NavigationDataToMessageFilter
3274 simple two tool tracking functionality
3275 remove the org.mitk.gui.qt.sceneserialization bundle
3276 Add "volume" property to ImageStatistics
3278 Diasbling and Re-enabling Image Navigator resets views
3282 Build system modules for registration code
3284 Windows Installer Package error since some blueberry changes
3287 No level window after loading a project file
3295 PointListWidget should allow editing of points by textedits
3296 SliceControllers should notify listeners about slice rotation
3297 Add a MultipleSegmentationsToMultiLabelPicture filter
3302 The build system allows for too old doxygen installs when Qt help generator is used
3303 Links in the error view part cannot be clicked
3304 Write a unit test for view destructors on window close
3306 Create own module for MITK video support
3315 Suppress invalid read in DataTreeNodeFactory
3336 mitkSceneIOTest fails randomly
3341 Extend RenderingManager with Property list
3342 Make RenderingManager multi-instantiable
3343 memcheck errors in mitkNavigationToolReaderAndWriterTest
3346 Check merging of clean segmentation module into 3M3 branch
3349 Rename "Log View" to "Logging"
3350 Rename editor "Standard View"
3360 ImageNavigator Button is not consistent
3362 Warning free MITK
3363 QmitkMeasurement: Ocassionally, planar figures cannot be edited any more
3366 Manual Registration should provide sliders for scaling
3367 create IGT recorder/player view
3368 Doxygen should offer a search bar for quick documentation navigation
3371 Do not listen to null selections by default in ISelectionListener
3382 Clean polydata after .stl import
3388 ImageNavigator TimeSlider stops at slice 56!
3393 Beautify created polygon models
3400 Tab order and selection is not saved on app shutdown
3402 Transversal Slider in Image Navigator
3424 Change org.mitk.gui.qt.regiongrowing to match bundle template closely
3425 Selection related crashes in subclasses of QmitkFunctionalities
3427 BundleGenerator should create better defaults
3440 There is no progress bar when loading DICOM images with the DICOM browser
3443 New segmentations are not selected in DataManager
3451 Rename DF Reader
3456 IGT example documenation has two icons and two summaries
3461 mitkNavigationToolReaderAndWriterTest fails
3462 ExtFileOpenAction throw unnecessary LOG Message
3463 It should be possible to draw overlays
3471 Complete User Style Guide in Doxygen
3472 Default view of 3D object is wrong
3473 Crash after closing Surface Material Editor
3475 ITK Warning appears after closing statistics
3493 Make MITK compatible with VTK 5.6
3497 Seperate Decimation from Surface Creation in ImageToSurfaceFilter
3502 install CDash on and change site for dart clients
3504 QmitkVtkLineProfileWidget and QmitkVtkHistogramWidget derive both from QDialog and itk::Object
3577 mitk::StandardFileLocations::FindFile doesnt behave as documented
3619 Implement PlanarFigure for measuring double diameters
3628 Implement PlanarFigure for annotation arrows
3659 Object::disconnect: Unexpected null parameter in QmitkNodeDescriptor
3669 Cleanup some classnames
3686 Data Storage Editor Input can not hold a single Data Storage
3688 Geometry3D::BackTransform(const Point3D&, Point3D&) slows down 2D mappers
3690 QmitkStdMultiWidget click Event
3698 Wrong dependence fromt QtDicomBrowser and QmitkDICOMBrowser view to DicomIndex
3700 DICOM tests
3707 Add distinct interactors for panning, zooming, scrolling and LevelWindow
3709 Rename "delete" to "remove" in DM right mouse menu
3722 Some DICOM images are incorrectly loaded because of the PixelType
3726 VirtualTrackingDevice crashes when it is destroyed before the tracking thread is initialized
3736 there is no welcome content
3785 Missing icon for bundle "Colour Image Processing"
3786 Rendering of PlanarFigures should be more configurable
3787 not possible create a new bounding box after deleting it in the image cropper
3822 Make RenderingManager and GlobalInteraction multi-instantiable
3833 Failing updates should enable commit block
3837 Build instructions for MITK with OpenCV
3841 Thresholding in BasicImageProcessing crashes when Lower TH > Upper TH
3859 Zooming and panning should be constrained within reasonable bounds
3893 [Dashboard] dartclient failed to pass mitkBaseDataTest
3959 Decide on default behavior for zooming/panning in MITK
3963 Adaptions for Linux compatibility
3983 allow moc-ing / add MOC_H_FILES for test drivers
4010 Icon for delete all button
4016 Make PlanarFigure objects pickable
4017 Allow segmentation on 2D images
4036 Bundles can only depend on modules, not packages
4039 Zoom to curser instead of the center of the screen
4047 clean up NDIConfigurationWidget
4062 remove RenderingManager::GetInstance from additional classes
4064 BaseRenderer::GetRenderingManager should be const
4071 Add additional StateMachine to Statemachine.xml
4095 memcheck errors in mitkNavigationToolTest
4104 Update Timer Widget
4121 mitkSceneIOTest should create unique file names
4122 mitkPlanarFigureIOTest should create unique file names
4126 PlanarCross should be constrained so that lines always intersect
4128 Exchange right-mouse-button with double-click for PlanarFigureInteractor
4146 Status bar should be visibility dependent
4154 Check for update on TinyXML
4161 add a StateMachine to StateMachine.xml for LevelWindow-Interaction on left-mouse-button
4165 QmitkRenderWindow should offer to disable scrolling with the mouse-wheel
4179 Region Grower Bundle should set segmentation as child node
4184 Dynamic fill drop-down box list in BasicImageProcessing
4206 QmitkIGTLoggerWidget: recording a specified number of positions
4211 Expandimg IGT ToolPairNavigation
4216 Creating planarFigures with double click produces invalid planarFigures
4217 PlanarCircle is not rendered correctly
4219 MITK crashes after use of ImageStatistics
4296 add additional StateMachine for scrolling using middle mouseButton and mousemove
4325 reset plane-interaction on reset-clicked in QmitkRenderWindowMenu
4332 resetting view after swivelling does not correct the number of slices
4335 Planar figures should always be drawn on topmost visible image in measurement
4471 Widget for visualisation of tracking tool status
4519 mbilog.lib not included automatically
4555 MITK about dialog is copy pasted from 3M3
4584 Unused line of code in QmitkIGTExampleView
4591 NavigationDataPlayer depends on line endings for reading xml navigation data
4592 BasicImageProcessing and DeformableRegistration depend on DiffusionImaging
4601 the popup for selecting the bounding object blocks application
4650 Create a sample application showing interaction between MITK,ITK and VTK for transfering it into a corresponding python script
4667 Method to perform index to world transform
4724 Add a test for mitk::BoundingObjectCutter
4725 Add list of header files of Adaptor Classes to the respective module description and functions
4735 Qt-independent render window example
4736 no bounding box available when only one image is selectable
4740 Strange category name "@ @PLUGIN_ID@ Plugin" in doxygen
4767 Build ITK 3.20
4769 Measurement to PlanarFigure dependency
4810 Inserting new nodes at the front or the end of the DataManager list should be a preference
4811 Create qhc files automatically
4837 mitkRenderWindowBase does not support multiple RenderingManagers
4860 SliceNavigationController shows way too many positions after decimal point
4872 No descriptor for images that are not binary
4943 IGT Filter for 1 or >3 reference inputs registration needed
4946 Widget with checkboxes for tracking tools
4965 Port and redesign 3D Connexion Mouse support
4991 RenderingManager: Possiblity to use multiple managers
5038 QmitkTextOverlay takes too long to update the text
5040 Levelwindow does not work with tutorial Step4
5041 option for showing "helper objects" in datamanager view
5046 Add optional usage of VTK 5.6 OpenGL GPU Volume Raycaster
5047 Build and test OpenCV 2.1
5048 It is not possible to load mhd files with File->open
5059 QmitkScalarBar can get larger than its parent
5092 Adding boolean property for rendering behaviour
5093 New property for mitk::Image
5130 mitkImageTest does not correctly check GetPixelValueByIndex
5134 (Diffusion Imaging) Tracking of fibres using diffusion MRI Images
5138 Possible crash caused by QmitkScalarBar if ScaleFactor is too small
5160 Poco Fehler beim Übersetzen mit VS 2010
5229 Remove Poco Dependency of SceneSerializationBase
5267 [Vesseltree Segmentation] cursor doesn´t change when view is deactivated
5281 Evaluate using release-crt-runtime-libs of visual studio also for debug MITK builds
5284 Include ShapeModelEvaluator
5286 Python wrapping for MITK classes
5297 Add support of changing tracking volumes for NDI Aurora (++)
5320 Documentation of MITK geometries
5420 Make PlanarFigures pickable
5488 Need a function to set color at any voxel
5505 NodePredicateSource is not implemented. My implementation is included in attachment.
5524 Modules selection should be configurable directly
5529 Add Tutorial Step on Interaction
5542 Support RGB Colormaps with opacity
5875 Enhance the transfer function widgets to support floating point values
5919 Adding widget to manage point correspondences
5940 Compression would be nice on all written files
5999 mitk::ImageStatisticsCalculator should be able to deal with masks smaller than the input image
6008 Enable selection of render windows for ODF rendering/visualization
6047 Add DataNode dependent PointSetInteractor
6307 Write tutorial for MITK-ToF
6369 ToF: Do not use "0" as range value after thresholding
6370 ToF: Allow for using range image as texture
6376 Image Cropper View usability enhancements
6378 add a user manual default page to the bundle generator
6417 Allow contouring for rotated slices
6467 Transversal slice scrolling with Wiimote Headtracking
6544 Wiimote IR Headtracking
6591 Writing a filter which can extract the boundary points of each contour drawn into a slice
6593 Interpolation of 3D surfaces out of contours drawn with the segmentation tools
6788 There is no possibility to save the geometry of an arbitrary oriented plane
6886 IGTPlayerWidget - widget for playing NavigationData
6947 Write a filter that reduces the number of points which are incorporated into the interpolation
7014 Create a CTest Dashboard Script
7069 Writing a filter that computes the normals for the points of a contourset
7077 synthetic image creator
7099 allow writing diffusion images in fsl file format
7101 Allow the image statistics view to calculate stats while ignoring zero-valued pixels
7286 implement unit test environment for tracking devices
7294 Documentation for DICOM loading tests
7339 Provide DICOM tags as MITK properties of mitk::Image
7447 Create IGT-Bundle TrackingToolbox
7528 Test DICOM tags loading for mitk::Image properties
7620 Expect GDCM 2.0.14 minimum for DICOM loading
7658 Saving of planar figures not possible
7741 New logging features for IGT TrackingToolbox
7809 Add installer script mode
8054 Enable mbits compile
8056 NavigatonDataPlayer Bundle
8120 Implement IGT connection widget
8124 Swissranger integration
8131 Remove "Enabled/Disabled" mechanism from property system
8160 Reduce property serializers and deserializers to a single class in each case
8259 Use the CTK plugin framework
8292 Allow to use LookupTable opacity values
8311 Add filter to apply hand eye calibration to a surface object
8317 Improve test of mitkTrackingVolumeGenerator
8357 Move calibration classes to own calibration module
8359 Implement binary outline by means of VTK
8396 TrackingToolBox: Implement auto-detection of aurora tools
8429 Port IGTTrackingToolbox & IGTNavigationToolManagement to CTK
8448 Convert bundle IGTTutorial to CTK
8495 Move methods for assessing focal length and principal point out of the for loops
8505 Implement class PlanarSubdivisionPolygon
8520 Improve test of mitk::NavigationToolStorage
8534 Enable omitting views in application window menu
8535 Drag/Drop Scene Files
8537 Allow dartclients with BUILD_TESTING=OFF
8554 MITK DTIAtlasApp - Executable to accompany the Springer DTI Atlas
8664 Implement ClippedSurfaceBoundsCalculator
8686 Remember Save-File Path
8703 Enable selection/deselection of tests with long runtime
8747 Enhance ToFProcessingCommon
8756 Synchronize ODFDetailsView with multiwidget and use according properties
8775 Publish Global Tracking Open Source
8784 Add convenience methods for coordinate transformation to ToFProcessingCommon
8792 Implement NavigationDataEvaulationFilter
8824 move mitkFiberBundleMapper2D opensource
8899 Provide a possibility to deselect certain bundles through cmake
8928 Extend the regiongrowing example plugin
8974 Change TractsToFiberEndingsImage filter output
8977 New ipPic-Free design of PixelType
8987 Change global tracking output to vtkPolyData
9000 Tbss Image type
9030 incorporating immediate visualization of fibers
9031 helper bundle for developing and evaluating fiberstructure
9067 Integrate 3D Surfaceinterpolation in Segmentationbundle
9080 Implement new descriptor objects for mitk::Image
9081 Restructuring of the manual segmentation tools
9121 mitkDisplayVectorInteractorScroll should invoke events when the interaction starts and ends
9122 MITK Diffusion Imaging App
9125 Add button to manually set points in image point set
9141 Preference added for showing/hiding the level/window widget
9142 set up dicom import perspective for DiffusionApp
9143 set up preprocessing and reconstruction perspective for DiffusionApp
9144 set up fiber tracking perspective for DiffusionApp
9145 set up quantification perspective for DiffusionApp
9146 set up ivim perspective for DiffusionApp
9147 set up tbss perspective for DiffusionApp
9148 set up screenshot and movies perspective for DiffusionApp
9149 set up volume visualization perspective for DiffusionApp
9150 Publish IVIM view open source
9152 Publish PV analysis view open source
9154 Publish stochastic tracking view open source
9156 Set up master view for DiffusionApp
9175 Need to downsample time of flight distance images to test whether this speeds up the AICP
9181 Own workbench window for the project template
9221 Use FindOpencl.cmake script to find the opencl libraries
9248 Add -fvisibility=hidden to gcc flags for MITK modules
9255 Allow loading of .nrrd and .pic.gz images in ToFConnectionWidget
9265 Deformable Clipping Plane Plugin
9279 ODF Details view is not working with DTI
9282 Rename Global Tracking to Gibbs Tracking
9286 Segmentation bundle code review and clean-up
9317 Cleanup ExtractDirectedPlaneImageFilter
9318 Remove duplicated Code from mitkImageVtkMapper2d and mitExtractDirectedPlaneImageFilter
9319 Bring together mitExtractDirectedPlaneImageFilter and mitExtractDirectedPlaneImageFilterNew
9321 mitkExtractDirectedPlaneImageFilter - only one class should be responsable for imageextraction
9392 Show changes during move action in SurfaceDeformationInteractor3D
9404 Implement DTI to QBI image filter
9516 Provide different modes for fiducialRegistrationWidget
9537 Enhance PlanarCircle to enable possibility to set min and max radius for circle
9658 move mitkBilateralFilter from ToFProcessingMBI to Core/Code/Algorithms
9703 Implement automatic particle weight estimation
9731 Tbss open source
9901 odf details view
9907 Provide DICOM-Level/Window-Information to applications (and use it by default)
9910 Implement a simple ToF viewer
9911 Redisign ToFUtil
9959 Implement a property to apply vtkColorTransferFunction on images
10017 New tracking volume models for NDI-Aurora
10048 Enable fiberbundleX with fast fiberextraction
10101 add reset method for mitk::Transform
10116 FiberBundleX integration branch
10134 Allow mask segmentation in ToFCompositeFilter
10142 enable colorcoding for FiberbundleXMapper2d
10143 Support for Header-only modules in MITK?
10186 incorporate stochastic tracking into new fiberbundle/tracking framework
10200 Simple Tool Selection Widget for IGTUI
10211 Enable FiberBundleX for Fiber Processing View
10276 Clean up the mitk bundle list
10277 Create central IGT bundle
10278 Create central IGT learning bundle
10279 Create central registration bundle
10282 Create central image measurement and statistics bundle
10285 Create central MITK examples bundle
10303 Create wizard widget for creation of navigation tools
10305 Add auto scan of ports to TrackingDeviceConfigurationWidget
10338 Provide the segmentation with a 3D regiongrowing
10371 Add a second style of mouse interaction to CoreApp
10377 Progress of opening a project is not shown
10385 Create separate view for skeletonization and projection
10454 Qt overlays for render windows should use a drop shadow for readability
10499 FA based color coding
10668 Dwi Quality Evaluation
10683 Build installer of IGTTracking for SPIE 2012
10777 Load files given as command line arguments
10778 Implement an additional segmentation view for boolean operations
10821 Calibration File should be set by the user for Microntracker tracking system
10827 free_water_extraction
10833 Better segmentation bundle usability
10835 Enable backface culling for MITK surfaces
10878 NavigationDataEvaluationFilter: new method to get logged data
10955 DICOM Query retrieve functionality for MITK
10956 Import DICOM data using the ctkEventBus
11022 implement further diffusion image processing mechanisms
11031 Dicom import fails to load autism datasets
11125 3D Interpolation should have a progress bar
11215 beautify log console
11354 Exception handling for MITK: exception base classes and documentation how to use them
11514 Move connectomics open source
11615 Use CTK with increased max vertex degree in DGraph utility
11682 Clustering result should be exportable for IVIM analysis
11783 Create new Overlay that holds a custom widget
11796 provide a possibility to crop an image using a binary image as mask
11838 move the mesh decimation plugin to the open source MITK
11895 Clang support for hidden visibility