MITK IGT ReleaseNotes 2013.12

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The MITK 2013.12 release comes together with a source code release of the module and plugins for image guided therapy (MITK-IGT) including many bug fixes and new features.

We restructured IGT, it's directory structure now resembles that of the MITK-Core. Commonly used base classes were moved to a new module called IGTBase, which can now be used separatley without introducing additional dependencies by depending on IGT. Since this release, MITK uses double precision for scalars. IGT has been adapted to these changes and now operates with double precision as well.

One of the central classes of IGT, mitk::NavigationData can now be used to compute transforms directly. This makes common tasks like concatenating transforms significantly easier. To this end, we made mitk::NavigationData compatible to mitk::AffineTransform3D trough direct conversion methods. Examples for these new features can be found in the new IGT tutorial steps, e.g., step 2.

Along with the new tutorial steps, the IGT tutorial was completely revised. It now consists of four steps:

  • Step 1: IGT coding basics
  • Step 2: Visualization of tracking data and computations with NavigationData
  • Step 3: Simple IGT Plugin
  • Step 4: Advanced IGT Plugin, shows most of the IGT functionality together with the newest application/UI features (e.g., microservices)

Step 4 ist a complete navigation example including registration of preoperative data (e.g. CT) to an intra-operative scene. Note that the source code of step 4 is still under revision and code documentation will be improved with future releases.

Together with the new features, we included many bug fixes and external code contributions. We would like to thank all contributors for their hard work in improving IGT. A complete list of changes can be found here:

ID▼ Summary
16511 IGT Tracking Toolbox crashes when "Start Logging" button is clicked (without connected device)
16510 Empty tool storage exception is not caught on tool storage deserialisation
16509 IGT Tutorial Overview Page
16502 IGT-TrackingLab Remove confusing UI message about inverse mode
16470 Wrong file name in input field after changing format in Tracking Toolbox Plugin (Logging tab)
16468 Saving a ToolStorage file does not add proper file ending in Linux
16445 Tracking device outputs are not connected
16385 mitkNavigationToolStorageTest, mitkNavigationToolTest, mitkTrackingDeviceSourceTest and mitkVirtualTrackingDeviceTest fail on Windows dart client
16361 mitkNavigationDataTransformFilterTest doesn't work after ScalarType was set from float to double.
16351 mitkNavigationToolStorageSerializerAndDeserializerTest failes under linux
16350 mitkNavigationToolReaderAndWriterTest failes with changes from hackfest under linux.
16349 mitkNavigationDataRecorderTest failes with changes from hackfest under linux.
16347 Integrate IGT hackfest changes.
16344 Usage of ToolStorage with wrong tracking device type leads to crash on connect in TrackingToolbox
16341 Cannot connect to "old" Polaris in TrackingToolbox
16106 ToolManagement based on MicroServices
16065 NavigationData timestamps are inaccurate
15986 Remove legacy dependency from TrackingLab
15979 IGTHackfest1 - Testing
15978 IGTHackfest1 - Fixing and enhancing Tutorial Step 2 and TrackingLab
15977 IGTHackfest1 - Fixing and enhancing base plugin mitkTracking
15969 Make Tooltip editable in QMitkNavigationToolCreationWidget
15967 Implement calculation operations for NavigationData
15966 Move TrackingVolumeData into Resource system
15960 Add convenience methods for AffineTransform3D to NavigationData
15955 IGTHackfest1 - Tutorial Overhaul
15954 IGTHackfest1 - Bug Fixing
15953 IGTHackfest1 - Clean Up
15952 IGT Directory Structure Cleanup
15951 Fix failing IGT tests related to double/float conversion
15940 Tools are shown twice after second connect
15906 NavigationDataTransformFilter: Add ability to precomose the user-supplied transform
15895 NavigationDataObjectVisualizationFilter: If one input is bad, all subsequent outputs fail
15857 QmitkIGTTutorialMissing global reinit when using VirtualTrackingDevice
15854 QmitkIGTTutorialTracking tool bug
15825 Adding new Tracking Volume for NDI Polaris Spectra
15778 SerialCommunication feature request: Read() until EOL, Send() and block until transmitted
15715 Tooltip computation is buggy
15641 Tracking data of NDI Polaris is corrupt in debug mode
14433 Adapt tool management UI to new features of tools
12854 Implement exception handling of tracking device classes
11166 Remove CMake variable for MT calibration dir
10722 Extent documentation for Bundles IGT Tutorial and IGT Tracking Lab
10424 Remove deprecated tracking volume handling
2114 Add Epsilon Parameter to NavigationDataToMessageFilter