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The list below should give you a rough overview about the topics which will be addressed in the near future.

The topics are compiled during our regular MITK strategic meetings and reflect the MITK core teams decisions and opinions about the future direction of MITK. There is no particular ordering.

MITK Toolkit

  • Remove ipPic code from the MITK core library (and later from everywhere)
  • Remove ipFunc
  • Convert MITK singletons to "micro services"
  • Python Wrapping
    • ITK Filters must be usable from inside the MITK Python Console
    • Comfortable conversion of existing data (mitk::Image) to Python objects
    • Complete superbuild integration of Python Wrapping

MITK Application Framework (BlueBerry)

  • Deprecate and remove BlueBerry bundle system (in favor of CTK)
  • DICOM usability improvements (query/retrieve GUI, etc.)


  • Use a modular concept at the repository level


  • Use date-based versioning scheme for the toolkit (ala Ubuntu)
  • Specify a continuous release process (for the MITK toolkit)