Toolkit Features

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Core features of the MITK platform

  • Multiple, consistent views on the same data. For example, when you have three orthogonal 2D-views and a 3D view and data consisting of a green surface, the surface will be visible and green in all views (as contour lines in 2D, as a surface in 3D), and when you move the surface, it will move in all views. When you try to realize this with basic VTK, you will need to coordinate the position/orientation/color/... of all the views somewhere in your program - exactly this is done automatically by MITK
  • An interaction concept based on state machines, which helps you to structure complex interaction mechanisms
  • An undo/redo concept for interactions
  • Organization of all application data in a central, hierarchical repository (DataStorage). The hierarchy allow to represent logical relations (such as "the ventricle is part of the heart")
  • Description of data items by arbitrary "properties" (key/value list), for communication between program modules or to control rendering
  • Loading and saving of the hierarchical repository including all item properties

Subprojects included in MITK

  • MITK-IGT: An image guided therapy module to support medical tracking systems and to support the development of image guided therapy applications
  • MITK-ToF: A module to support acquisition and processing of range data e.g. acquired with Time-of-Flight cameras.