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The current MITK source code can be viewed with the Phabricator web interface here.

The URL for cloning MITK is

For client downloads and more information please visit the Git homepage.


We follow a branchy workflow. All developments are made in branches that are named after a task in Phabricator Maniphest. The master branch only contains merge commits.


Tags starting with "v" are official MITK releases.

Tags named "releases/snapshot-YYYYMMDD" are usually created for projects using MITK which need to permanently mark a specific version of MITK. Please be aware that these releases are not always fully tested since most projects only use parts of MITK.


We follow some coding guidelines in the creation of MITK. These are checked for on the server side, when any changes are pushed to the server repository. If you want to contribute to MITK and make sure that your code is compliant to these guidelines you can install a git hook, which will check for several things on committing.

Install by copying File:Pre-commit.sample to your MITK /.git/hooks/ directory. The file name has to be 'pre-commit' and the file needs to have executable permissions.