MITK Hackfest 2014

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In the second week of December, the MITK Team met for the 2nd Hackfest to actively discuss and work on special topics. After an intense and highly productive week in a small town near the German Black Forest we are happy to announce progress on the following major topics:

  • C++11 will be the new minimal required language version and MITK will require Visual Studio 2010, GCC 4.6 and a still to be determined Clang version as the minimum compiler versions. The initial C++11 language features allowed in MITK code include auto, nullptr, override and final (using macros).
  • The MITK build-system will require CMake 3.1 and will make use of modern CMake features to simplify its build-system.
  • Old OpenGL based MITK mappers are being converted to VTK - style mappers and the integration of custom OpenGL code within VTK mappers will get easier.
  • A new MITK module containing data structures for multi-label segmentations will be added soon. The multi-label integration with the existing segmentation tools is still work in progress.

These topics are either being merged this month or just need small improvements or polishing before they are integrated into the MITK master branch.