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== Latest stable release: MITK 2018.04.2 ==
== Latest stable release: MITK 2021.02 ==
* [[MITK_ReleaseNotes_2018.04.2| Release notes]]
* [https://phabricator.mitk.org/w/mitk/changelog/release-v2021.02/ Changelog]
* [http://docs.mitk.org/2018.04/MITKUserManualPage.html User Manual]
* [https://docs.mitk.org/2021.02/UserManualPortal.html User Manual]
* [http://docs.mitk.org/2018.04/ API documentation and concepts]
* [https://docs.mitk.org/2021.02/ API documentation and concepts]
* [http://docs.mitk.org/2018.04/TutorialPage.html Tutorial]
* [https://docs.mitk.org/2021.02/TutorialPage.html Tutorial]
== Mailinglist ==
== Mailinglist ==

Latest revision as of 16:33, 15 February 2021

Latest stable release: MITK 2021.02


We have a Mailinglist for MITK. Searching the archives with GMane could help to find answers to your questions. Of course, posting your questions to the mailing list will get you an answer too.

Nightly generated documentation

Documentation is also generated nightly from the MITK Git repository:

BlueBerry documentation

The BlueBerry framework has its own doxygen documentation here.

Documentation of old MITK releases